WHITEPAPER - Continuous Flow - An Emerging Alternative

Pharmaceutical companies have traditionally been risk-averse, often adopting safe and well-established processes due to the conservative stance of regulatory agencies on novel methodologies. However, with the increasing complexity of drug molecules and the demand for newer and harsher reaction conditions, continuous flow chemistry is emerging as a viable alternative.

In the whitepaper Continuous Flow: An Emerging Alternative, Curia experts discuss how continuous flow chemistry and processing offer an alternative pathway. The paper explores its advantages over batch-based production, including enhancements in quality, API innovation, and safety. A case study from Curia demonstrates improved yields and purity in a carboxylation reaction using continuous flow processing.

Key highlights of the whitepaper:

  • Continuous Flow in Pharmaceuticals: Continuous flow is gaining traction as an alternative to batch processes, offering improved scalability and control.
  • Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Trend: Companies are increasingly relying on CMOs, leading to industry consolidation and expanded service offerings.
  • Key Benefits of Continuous Flow: It ensures quality, supports innovative chemistries, and enhances safety through automation and control.
  • Regulatory Support and Case Study: Continuous flow aligns with FDA and European Medicines Agency (EMA) guidelines. Curia’s case study highlights enhanced yields and purity in a carboxylation reaction using continuous flow processing.

Read the Whitepaper: Continuous Flow: An Emerging Alternative