WHITE PAPER: Tackling a Changing Climate; Metered Dose Inhalers | Recipharm

Are you prepared for the HFA phasedown? With many industries switching to more environmentally friendly propellants, pMDI developers need to be ready. Recipharm explore alternative technologies to HFA propellants, and how the devices and formulations can be optimized to ensure the best possible performance. We also explore the benefits of working with experts in sustainable device and product development to ensure that your inhalation product complies with sustainability legislation while offering optimum performance for patients. Click here to download the white paper.


1. A brief history of the propellants used in pMDIs
2. An evolution of sustainability in the pharma industry
3. The introduction of new greener propellants: selection and considerations for adoption
4. Considerations adopting new greener propellants for the pMDI industry
5. Formulation considerations: How do the new propellants impact formulations?
6. The importance of future-proofing operations
7. How Recipharm can help