WEBINAR - Step Into the Future of Therapeutic Antibody Discovery

Pioneer Antibody Discovery Platform – The Launch

Join us for a virtual global event dedicated to exploring the Pioneer Antibody Discovery Platform.

Learn how you can partner with Bio-Rad to overcome the challenges you face in antibody discovery for biotherapeutics.

This event will showcase the technologies that power the Pioneer Platform, including one of the biggest phage display libraries ever made and our quick prototyping technology TrailBlazer.

Bio-Rad’s new antibody discovery service is specifically designed to develop best-in-class biologic candidates. The Pioneer Platform features a state-of-the-art phage display library engineered to include more than 200 billion unique sequences and is capable of identifying high-affinity antibody candidates using our newly developed, proprietary SpyDisplay selection technology. Our technical expert Francisco Ylera, PhD, will introduce the Pioneer Antibody Discovery Platform and Paul Royle, PhD, will explain what to expect from this tailored service.

What you will learn:

  • How Pioneer Antibody Discovery Platform can help to quickly identify a diverse range of leads to challenging targets
  • Have an overview of innovative technologies that form part of the Pioneer Platform and how they improve chances of success in antibody discovery
  • How our team of specialists and scientists can partner with you in your antibody discovery journey to find your exclusive antibody

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