WEBINAR – ILC Dover: Handling Potent Products in a Sterile Environment

Handling Potent Products Inside a Sterile Environment

The need for flexible solutions for potent product handling is increasing. We’ll discuss the proven benefits of aseptic isolator systems in sterile environments and take a look at real feedback from real customers of ours in an upcoming webinar on Tuesday, November 16th at 11:00 AM EST.

The registration window closes soon! ILC Dover’s Isolator and Containment Systems Product Manager, Declan O’Shea, will walk us through creating the right environment for handling different products and processes and open the floor for your questions.

Attend the webinar to learn more about the following topics:


Trends in Sterile Manufacturing


Handling Different Products & Processes


Key Considerations for Potent Substances


New Product Prototyping & Development


Our Involvement as Containment Specialists


And More…

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