WEBINAR - Enabling Upstream Intensified Bioprocessing


In this webinar, you will learn how our new single-use bioreactor family can help you: 

  • Fulfill any process strategy, be it batch, fed-batch or perfusion
  • Facilitate scalability of your upstream process
  • Utilize the flexible design to reduce production costs

Intensified upstream bioprocesses are being developed to increase productivity while reducing footprint, costs, and timelines for manufacturing. The higher cell densities generated by intensification result in increased gassing and mixing requirements, to ensure a homogeneous cell culture environment with effective oxygenation and CO2 removal at all scales. The new Mobius® iFlex Bioreactor was developed with an expanded design space, providing flexibility for a variety of bioprocesses. Impeller and motor designs reach up to 100 W/m3 with < 35 second mixing time while maintaining tip speeds under 2.2 m/s and innovative spargers achieve kLa of > 50 hr-1.


An on-demand version of this webinar will be available after the live event using the same link. Register now and access the webinar at your convenience.