WEBINAR - 2024 Trends in Topical Drug Delivery: Insights & Innovation

It’s no secret that the pharmaceutical industry has been spellbound by oral and injectable products, but topicals still comprise a significant portion of the pipeline and are a critical route of administration for developers looking to deliver targeted treatments. Topicals, which range from semisolids and patches to nasal sprays and eye drops, combine the unique benefits of speed and convenient application and are therefore still a key focus area for many industry leaders. This webinar will discuss some of the key trends from these leaders in the topical market on both a global and regional level, including the increased importance of sensory properties and the rise in non-conventional product formats, among others. Lubrizol Life Science Health and IMCD Group will also examine the current topical pipeline and discuss recent product launches, diving into many of the exciting areas still primed for innovation in this area.


Key Takeaways:

  • Uncover key trends in topical drug delivery, on both a global and regional level
  • Understand current topical products in development and those recently launched for both Rx and OTC
  • Review the advantages of topical drug delivery and significant areas of innovation