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Formulation strategies for Poorly Soluble Molecules –

Pharmaceutics & Biopharmaceutics Considerations

Listen to Quotient’s Vice President of Drug Development Sciences, Dr Sarah Stevens and Executive Director of Product Development, Dr Asma Patel as they share expert insight and case studies on formulation and solubility challenges and discuss the best strategies and technologies for advancing poorly soluble molecules, to deliver success.

Developing Palatable Pediatric Formulations:

Leveraging Taste Masking, Modelling & Simulation, Clinical PK and Taste Assessment Studies to Achieve Program Success

Listen to Quotient’s Executive Director of Pediatric Development, Nazim Kanji and Research Fellow, Ashley Willson as they review current industry standards and future expectations for pediatric drug development, along with EU and US regulatory landscapes. They will cover formulation and taste masking strategies, taste assessment studies, fit-for-purpose manufacturing of clinical trial supplies and leveraging physiologically based pharmacokinetic modelling and simulation, to guide dose selection and product design.

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