ON-DEMAND WEBINAR - Exploring Pectin & the Advancement of Delayed Release Technology

Delayed release formulations can be effective in protecting acid-sensitive APIs from the acidic conditions of the stomach. Conventional formulation approaches to delay the release of an API most commonly rely on the need for a separate enteric coating step of the dosage form. Recent innovations in oral drug delivery have introduced the use of versatile tools such as pectin, a naturally derived polysaccharide, to enable delayed release properties without the need for coating. In this webinar, experts will provide an overview of why the properties and structure of pectin are well suited for site-specific delivery to the colon. In addition, experts will also provide insights into how softgel capsules, formed by the combination of both pectin and gelatin, are used in OptiGel® DR, a new delayed release delivery technology for pharmaceutical applications. Speakers will also discuss the impact of modifying a pectin shell encapsulating a controlled release fill matrix on drug release profile and kinetics. Click here to download/view the webinar.