Wearable Drug Delivery Provider Sorrel Medical Partners With Leading Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Sorrel Medical recently announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies to advance the development and introduction of next-generation wearable drug delivery solutions.

The partnership will involve various molecule development initiatives across a range of configurations of Sorrel’s wearable drug delivery platform. This partnership is entered in parallel to collaborations already in place for Sorrel Medical, as a provider of the device constituent of combination products.

Sorrel’s discreet and versatile on-body injectors are specifically designed to enhance the patient experience and encourage adherence to treatment therapies, while reducing the risk of medication errors. The device attaches to the patient’s body via a sticker patch, while multiple smart sensors – along with a series of internal system checks and visual, audio and tactile indicators – guarantee successful self-administration. Medication is injected subcutaneously through a reliable electro-mechanical pumping mechanism. The pre-filled and pre-loaded devices are available in cartridge and vial-based configurations ranging from 1 mL to 25 mL to meet a wide range of specific drug requirements.

“With the changing nature of injectable drugs, including the proliferation of biologics with higher volumes and viscosities, the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies are looking to device makers for safe, versatile and easy-to-use devices,” said Andrei Yosef, PhD, CEO of Sorrel Medical. “Combining our platform approach to development with our partner’s extensive expertise in pharmaceutical formulation and market penetration, we can provide solutions that enhance the self-administration experience while encouraging patient adherence to treatments.”

Sorrel Medical, an Eitan Group company, is a medical device company focused on the development and commercial manufacturing of platform-based, pre-filled and pre-loaded wearable injectors for the easy and efficient self-administration of large volume and highly viscous therapies. One of three privately held companies operating under the Eitan Group, Sorrel leverages core capabilities and expertise in drug delivery technology development, manufacturing and regulatory experience to offer a robust platform solution to global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. For more information, visit http://www.sorrelmedical.com.