Unchained Labs Announces Major Acquisition; Second of the Year

Unchained Labs recently announced the acquisition of AVIA Biosystems, the developer of the Isothermal Chemical Denaturation (ICD) system for measuring biologic stability. This is the second acquisition for Unchained Labs this year.

The ICD system makes something that wasn’t possible before the routine measurement of protein stability under denaturing conditions totally doable. It completely automates the complex sample prep and data analysis needed to make these measurements, giving formulation scientists a true walk-away solution. The ICD system is also a perfect complement for Unchained Labs’ first product, the UNit, which simultaneously measures the top two biologic stability indicators, protein unfolding, and aggregation temperatures.

“We are totally committed to improving biologics characterization tools, and the ICD is a great new tool that can actually help predict future drug stability,” said Tim Harkness, Founder and CEO of Unchained Labs. “The ICD and the UNit are a perfect pairing and really help establish us as the experts in protein stability. We have done a lot and done it quickly at Unchained Labs, but we are unwavering in our pledge to acquire any product or business that can make a real difference for biologics researchers.”

“I’m really looking forward to joining forces with the Unchained Labs team,” said Dr. Rick Brown, Co-founder and President of AVIA Biosystems. “Together, our products will give drug discovery researchers the power to characterize and understand their biologics better than they ever could before.”

Unchained also announced the addition of $6 million to its Series A Financing, bringing the total Series A round to $31 million. The original syndicate partners, Novo Ventures, Canaan Partners, and TPG Biotech all participated in the financing.

Unchained Labs is committed to building the first cool biologics tools company. One that matters. One without old school rules. One with products that’ll make a real difference in the research scientists do every day. The company plans to buy businesses and product lines and then add its magic touch for developing breakthrough products and selling them aggressively. For more information, visit www.unchainedlabs.com.