Technological Breakthroughs Aiding the Biologics Market

BCC Research reveals in its new report on biologic therapeutic drugs, the biologics or biopharmaceutical therapeutic market holds important implications for the future of medicine and industry advancement. This market totaled $234 billion in 2014 and is expected to grow to $386.7 billion in 2019 at a (compound annual growth rate) CAGR of 10.6%.

Recent technological breakthroughs involving novel targets, modifying agents and production systems are creating new avenues for market growth. Low cost vaccines will continue to increase in developing and underdeveloped countries, which is where many of the infectious diseases like flu and Ebola are still major health problems.

“The focus of the pharmaceutical industry has changed significantly in the past 60 years. Historically, research and products have been focused on small-molecule drugs,” says BCC Research analyst Jackson Highsmith. However, advances in biochemistry, immunology and biotechnology have broadened our understanding about the mechanisms that overate within the body and what happens when these mechanisms go out of control.”

Biopharmaceuticals have experienced a shift in interest from both patient care and drug development/manufacturers. Due to the dearth of new small-molecule drugs that are effective and safe products, more pharmaceutical companies are looking to large molecule drugs to bolster their pipelines.

Biologic Therapeutic Drugs: Technologies and Global Markets provides a comprehensive analysis of biologics on a global basis. It aims to provide a detailed product analyses within disease subsegments to overall industry trends, in order to quantify and qualify the market for therapeutic drug products in the biologics segment.

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