Nanoparticle Formulations

Ascendia Pharmaceuticals is a contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) company offering services for formulation development of poorly soluble drugs and other challenging development programs. Our formulation options include nanoemulsions, amorphous solid dispersions, nanoparticles, liposomes, and oral controlled release. These technologies are suitable for oral, topical, or injectable dosage forms. NanoSol is our technology for production of nanoparticle formulations. Ascendia has the capability to make nanoparticles from native drug crystals using ball milling, or lipid-based nanoparticle composites for lipophilic drugs. When the nanoparticle is delivered to the body there is greater surface area for dissolution, and by using enhancers in the formulation higher bioavailability can be more readily achieved. Ascendia can optimize nanoparticle formulations and produce clinical trial materials for first-in- man studies. For more information, contact Ascendia at (732) 640-0058 or visit