Stevanato Group Collaborates With Thermo Fisher Scientific to Bring its Innovative On-Body Delivery System Platform to Market

Stevanato Group S.p.A. recently announced its collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific to bring to the market a fully integrated on-body delivery system platform for subcutaneous administration.

The semi-reusable drug delivery device will provide micro-precision basal doses and full-content bolus injections as a highly flexible and customizable platform for administering a wide range of therapies. The collaboration brings the ability to deliver small molecules and biologics, including large volumes, subcutaneously at home, closer to patients, improving adherence and effectiveness of pharmacological treatments.

The unparalleled combination of capabilities from two established industry experts will help pharma companies with a true end-to-end solution, from drug development through to the final packaged product. Along with the proprietary device platform, Stevanato Group will offer pre-sterilized EZ-fill® cartridges as drug containment solutions and assembly equipment, while Thermo Fisher will provide fill-and-finish and final assembly services.

Pharmaceutical companies will be able to access a cartridge-based on-body delivery system with a pre-loaded and pre-filled drug container that is compatible with standard fill-finish techniques. Moreover, pharmaceutical companies can benefit from a platform technology that helps provide a fast time-to-market and a streamlined supply chain through the joint capabilities of Stevanato Group and Thermo Fisher. Additionally, benefits will extend to patients via the device’s ease of use, providing more effective and comfortable treatments.

“We are proud to be working with Thermo Fisher Scientific to bring to the market our on-body delivery system for patients,” said Steven Kaufman, VP for Drug Delivery Systems at Stevanato Group. “Thanks to this collaboration with Thermo Fisher, Stevanato Group will be able to respond quickly to changes in customers’ needs, enabling them to scale up production according to commercial demand. The on-body delivery system increases the accessibility of in-home care and administered treatment options.”

The development of the on-body delivery system is also a step forward for Stevanato Group’s sustainability efforts. The device’s reusable controller extends the product’s lifespan and reduces waste, while the disposable pod with the pre-filled, pre-loaded cartridge can reduce user error and wasted product.

“This collaboration with Stevanato Group is an example of how we are leveraging our world-class experience and reliability in fill finish and sterile development to deliver innovative solutions at scale,” said Leon Wyszkowski, President of Pharma Services Commercial Operations, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “In line with our mission to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer, we’ll significantly improve patients’ access and adherence to critical medicines.”

For more information on Stevanato Group’s proprietary on-body delivery system, visit: On-Body Delivery System – Stevanato Group

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