Skinvisible Unveils Promising Data on Transdermal Obesity Formulations

Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, Inc. recently announced exciting data demonstrating its transdermal delivery of obesity drugs (and other glucose-controlling drugs), including a GLP-1 agonist and CB-1 receptor antagonist delivered by its proprietary Invisicare technology; a polymer delivery vehicle that does not require a patch or needles. The company previously announced it has filed two provisional patent applications covering formulations that leverage Invisicare for the transdermal administration of obesity drugs and other glucose-controlling agents.

The company has been developing topical formulations to enable transdermal absorption of these drugs, allowing for sustained release into the bloodstream.  The results are compelling:

  • Franz Cell diffusion studies demonstrated up to 69% penetration over six hours for the GLP-1 drug tested;
  • For the CB-1 antagonists formulated with Invisicare, a 62% penetration rate was achieved over the same time period;
  • In addition to these high penetration rates, these studies demonstrate that Invisicare formulations have the ability to provide sustained drug delivery over time. Data showed an average drug release of approximately 10% per hour.

Building on this breakthrough, Skinvisible is confident that its proprietary technology can be applied to a broader range of GLP-1 agonists and CB-1 receptor antagonists with a molecular mass that permits transdermal penetration. This development opens up exciting possibilities for expanding the company’s portfolio of obesity-targeting formulations.

“Our Invisicare technology has the potential to revolutionize how obesity drugs are administered,” said Terry Howlett, Skinvisible’s CEO. “We can deliver significant amounts of drug systemically, potentially avoiding the side effects of oral pills and injections and increase patient compliance. Since pills must pass through the digestive system and liver first, much of the drug is metabolized before reaching its target and may lead to uncomfortable side-effects. Injections can be painful and lead to poor patient compliance. Our topical cream formulations offer a transdermal approach that circumvents first-pass metabolism and related challenges. Furthermore, these transdermal obesity treatments could serve effectively as a maintenance therapy.”

Skinvisible has pursued the obesity market due to the overwhelming increase in the need for obesity drugs and treatment options.  According to a recent IQVIA report, the prevalence of obesity in the world is expected to be 25% of the population by 2035.  In conjunction with the increase in obesity, the global obesity market is expected to reach $24 billion in 2023, and a staggering $131 billion by 2028.

Skinvisible is actively seeking a strategic partnership with a pharmaceutical and/or biotech company to bring the first transdermal obesity therapies to market and to explore applications of its transdermal delivery platform across other disease areas.

Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Skinvisible, Inc., is a pioneering research and development company specializing in licensing proprietary topical and transdermal formulations utilizing its patented polymer skin delivery system; Invisicare. This innovative technology provides life-cycle management and distinctive enhancements for both topical and transdermal delivery products.  Invisicare formulated as a lotion or cream, effectively adheres active ingredients to the skin facilitating a controlled release of the active to and/or through the skin and into the blood stream over time. Skinvisible has recently developed formulations for the potential treatment of obesity, along with over forty dermatology related conditions including rare skin disorders. For more information on Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, partnerships, and investment opportunities, visit or contact