Skinvisible Submits Innovative Obesity Patent for Advanced Transdermal Treatment

Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, Inc. recently announced a major advancement in the battle against obesity. The company has achieved a significant milestone by officially filing a provisional patent application covering formulations that leverage the company’s proprietary delivery technology Invisicare for the transdermal administration of obesity drugs. Titled Transdermal Delivery Composition for Delivery of CB-1 Receptor Antagonists and/or GLP-1 Receptor Agonists, and Method of Delivery, this patent filing ushers in a new era of efficient and convenient obesity drug delivery solutions.

The patent application focuses on Invisicare, a patented transdermal delivery technology designed to incorporate CB-1 receptor antagonists and/or GPL-1 receptor agonists, two classes of drugs known for their potential in obesity management, into a lotion that is applied topically to the skin using a metered applicator. Studies have demonstrated the superior transdermal penetration and controlled release of other active compounds using Invisicare’s innovative technology; with certain actives exhibiting up to a tenfold increase in transdermal delivery effectiveness. By utilizing Invisicare, Skinvisible aims to not only offer patients a convenient and effective alternative to traditional oral or injectable therapies but to also enhance drug efficacy and potentially significantly reduce side effects as transdermal delivery avoids first-pass metabolism. Additionally, for long-term treatment of obesity, a transdermal delivery system could feasibly provide a convenient method for administering maintenance doses of anti-obesity medications.

The global obesity drug market is poised to exceed $30 billion by 2027, propelled by the escalating prevalence of obesity worldwide and the eagerly anticipated advent of revolutionary anti-obesity medications. Nonetheless, the impediment posed by needles and injections remains a formidable barrier to access and compliance. Skinvisible’s proprietary transdermal delivery technology overcomes this obstacle, unlocking the full therapeutic potential of CB-1 and GLP-1 targeting drugs.

“Our transdermal technology has the potential to revolutionize how obesity drugs are administered, granting patients access to potent weight loss medications through the ease and convenience of a metered dose of lotion simply applied to the skin,” said Terry Howlett, CEO of Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals. “This needle-free approach holds immense promise in enhancing treatment adherence and broadening the accessibility of obesity therapies to countless individuals grappling with weight-related challenges. This groundbreaking patent application highlights our proficiency in transdermal delivery and underscores our commitment to leveraging this capability to reshape treatment standards.”

Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Skinvisible, Inc., is a pioneering research and development company specializing in licensing proprietary topical and transdermal formulations utilizing its patented polymer skin delivery system; Invisicare. This innovative technology provides life-cycle management and distinctive enhancements for both topical and transdermal delivery products.  Invisicare formulated as a lotion or cream, effectively adheres active ingredients to the skin facilitating a controlled release of the active to and/or through the skin and into the blood stream over time. Skinvisible has recently developed formulations for the potential treatment of obesity, along with over forty dermatology related conditions including rare skin disorders.

Skinvisible is actively pursuing strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical and/or biotech companies to facilitate the introduction of the first transdermal obesity therapies to market and to explore the application of its delivery platform across diverse disease domains. For more information on Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, partnerships, and investment opportunities, visit or contact