SIRION Biotech GmbH Licensed LentiBOOST™ Transduction Technology to Cellectis

Through this recent license agreement, SIRION Biotech GmbH has granted Cellectis non-exclusive right under its proprietary lentiviral transduction enhancer LentiBOOST. This product complements Cellectis’ portfolio of technologies involved in manufacturing allogeneic CAR T-cells. SIRION is entitled to undisclosed upfront and milestone payments and is eligible to receive royalties on future product net sales plus license fees tied to commercial success.

Allogeneic CAR-T cell therapy represent a future-defining shift in simplicity, availability, and cost efficiency of immune-oncology approaches. Engineering effective allogeneic T-cells, in contrast to patient-derived cells, elevates the technology to the level of a realistic off-the-shelf product.

Dr. Christian Thirion, CEO and founder of SIRION, said “LentiBOOST improves lentiviral transduction of difficult cell types like hematopoietic stem cells, and in addition generates stable integration of large constructs generally needed to generate CAR-T cells.”

“We are delighted that our product will help further develop affordable allogeneic cancer treatments that will, once approved, benefit patients with unmet needs,” added SVP BD & Licensing, Dr. Sabine Ott.

SIRION Biotech began its customer business in 2007 in Munich, setting their goal to spark a new generation of viral vector technologies for gene and cell therapy as well as vaccination development. This meant building novel, all-encompassing viral vector platforms for lenti-, adeno-, and adeno-associated viruses which expedite its partners’ advances in drug, cosmetics, and food industries. To date, SIRION has completed over 1500 projects of all sizes, working closely with over 200 independent customer groups from academia and industry. For more information, visit