ScienceMedia & Area9 Lyceum Partner to Deliver Clinical Education for Life Sciences on Area9 Rhapsode Adaptive Learning Platform

ScienceMedia Inc. and Area9 Lyceum recently announced their partnership in life sciences education in which ScienceMedia’s SMi Source therapeutic area training library, used by leading life sciences companies around the world, will be delivered via Area9 Lyceum’s Area9 Rhapsode adaptive learning platform.

ScienceMedia offers proven science and medical training to improve the on-the-job clinical competency of people in the life sciences field. It specializes in teaching complex science in ways that make it easier for people to understand. Now, through its partnership with Area9 Lyceum, ScienceMedia’s extensive content catalog will be converted into adaptive learning modules on Area9 Rhapsode, to provide a truly personalized learning experience — at scale and with greater efficiency.

“At ScienceMedia, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to personalize our learners’ experiences. By partnering with Area9 Lyceum, we are solidifying our commitment to teaching complex science education to life sciences companies, which is crucial to the advancement of the field,” said Mark Surles, CEO of ScienceMedia.

“More than 2 decades ago, the roots of what is now Area9 began in medical education, so this partnership makes absolute sense for our company,” added Ulrik Juul Christensen, MD, CEO of Area9 Lyceum. “Across multiple industries, we have seen the scale, efficiency, and effectiveness that can be achieved by offering great content on an adaptive learning platform for truly personalized learning.”

ScienceMedia’s learning resources include its SMi Source — a mobile-enabled, cloud-based science education library that provides more than 400 full courses and 16,000 microlearning topics covering a vast catalog of disease and therapeutic areas. SMi Source is available through Area9 Rhapsode for a personalized learning experience.

By combining cognitive research and the latest in computer science, Area9 Rhapsode can cut the time to proficiency by as much as 50% — with the potential for 100% competency achieved by all learners.

As witnessed during the pandemic, a high level of proficiency is needed now more than ever in life sciences to speed the development, testing, and launch of next-generation drugs and therapeutics. Through their partnership, ScienceMedia and Area9 Lyceum will provide cutting-edge adaptive eLearning to make a difference, starting with the release of the first three adaptive modules: Pancreatic Cancer, Immunology of Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis. For more information, see the ScienceMedia Adaptive Learning Courses on Area9 Rhapsode.

For over 25 years, ScienceMedia has been at the forefront of delivering innovative, multimedia learning solutions aimed at improving clinical competency across all functional areas in the world’s leading life science organizations. ScienceMedia draws on its expert team of clinical writers, instructional designers, and multimedia artists to produce training that has a real impact on reducing the highest risk areas of a clinical trial. SMi Trial mitigates clinical risk and decreases trial cost by optimizing study compliance throughout the lifetime of your clinical trial. SMi Trial is the world’s first mobile education and training platform specifically for decentralized and hybrid trials. SMi Source is a mobile-enabled, cloud-based science education library that provides 16,000+ microlearning topics and 400+ full courses covering a vast catalog of disease and therapeutic areas. Learn more at

Area9 Lyceum brings together more than 2 decades of learning research and advanced computer science in its next-generation learning platforms for K-12, higher education, and workforce education. As a leader in personalized and adaptive learning, as well as comprehensive infrastructure for learning engineering, design, delivery and analytics at scale, Area9 Lyceum enables clients to realize the future of personalized, multidimensional learning: mastery-based learning. A mastery-based approach enables learners to become proficient in the knowledge and skills that are highly relevant to them, their teams, and organizations. The technologies developed by Area9 are used by millions of learners of all ages and by leading organizations and companies around the world.