Samsung Biologics Announces Expanded Strategic Agreement With Bristol Myers Squibb

Samsung Biologics recently announced a new agreement with Bristol Myers Squibb for large-scale manufacturing of a Bristol Myers Squibb commercial antibody cancer drug substance.

Bristol Myers Squibb and Samsung Biologics have an existing manufacturing agreement for a commercial antibody cancer drug and have expanded the strategic relationship over time. Under the terms of the new agreement, Samsung Biologics will provide drug substance manufacturing for an antibody cancer drug substance at the company’s latest and largest biomanufacturing facility, Plant 4, in Songdo, South Korea.

“Our relationship with Bristol Myers Squibb spans over a decade, and we are proud and excited to help bring important medicines to patients around the world,” said John Rim, President and CEO of Samsung Biologics. “This collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb underscores our commitment to expediting the delivery and ensuring the continuous supply of client pipelines, enabled by our commitment to manufacturing quality, innovation, and capacity.”

Samsung Biologics is a fully integrated, end-to-end CDMO service provider, offering seamless development and manufacturing solutions from cell line development to final aseptic fill/finish as well as laboratory testing support for the biopharmaceutical products we manufacture. Our state-of-the-art facilities are cGMP compliant with bioreactors ranging from small to large scales to serve varying client needs. To maximize our operational efficiency and expand our capabilities in response to growing biomanufacturing demands, Samsung Biologics fully completed Plant 4, which will further advance the company’s standing as the world’s largest manufacturing facility at a single site—holding a 604KL total capacity—and announced plans to construct Plant 5, which will be operational in April 2025. Additionally, Samsung Biologics America enables the company to work in closer proximity to clients based in the U.S. and Europe. We continue to expand our capabilities to accommodate our clients by investing in technologies such as an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) facility, a dedicated mRNA manufacturing facility, and additional aseptic filling capacity. As a sustainable CDMO partner of choice, we are committed to on-time, in-full delivery of the products with our flexible development and manufacturing solutions, operational excellence, and proven expertise.