Proscia & Datavant Partner to Connect Pathology Data With Health Data Ecosystem for Life Sciences R&D

Proscia and Datavant recently announced a partnership that will provide life sciences companies with digitized pathology data to power the development of novel therapeutics and diagnostics. The partnership brings together Datavant’s privacy-preserving connectivity technology and the largest US health data ecosystem with Proscia’s Concentriq digital pathology platform.

Pathology is undergoing a transformation to an image-based, data-driven paradigm across life sciences and diagnostics as labs shift from 150-year-old analog microscope-based practices. According to the CDC, 70% of medical decisions are based on laboratory data, much of which has remained siloed and disconnected from the flourishing healthcare data landscape. Pathology’s digital transformation, which has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and technology tailwinds, represents the emergence of one of the largest and richest new data mediums in healthcare. Proscia’s proprietary platform is powering diagnostic labs and life science organizations today, including 10 of the top 20 biopharma companies.

Datavant technology and Proscia’s platform, with its extensive library of pathology data, will help life sciences organizations link digital images, curated cancer datasets, and structured insights with other healthcare data in a privacy-preserving way to power next-generation R&D. This compliant linkage, will support the development of novel biomarkers, accelerate clinical trials, and enable real-world evidence in pharma.

“We’ve seen a wellspring of demand for structured pathology data, married with computational technologies, to power precision medicine R&D,” said David West, CEO of Proscia. “Our partnership with Datavant does two things: First, it brings new tools for protecting patient privacy, data security, and HIPAA compliance to our Concentriq base. Second, it helps link pathology data with partners in the Datavant ecosystem. Together, this will enable pharma and biotech companies to leverage this new digital medium, cultivating the advancement of new therapies and diagnostics. Ultimately, this data partnership represents the third prong of Proscia’s mission to accelerate medical breakthroughs with our platform, AI and data.”

“Pathology data is one of the most difficult sources of data to transform into usable information,” noted Travis May, Co-Founder and President of Datavant. “Enabling compliant connectivity of digital pathology data to other research data bridges bench science and outcomes research, scaling and accelerating the development of highly tailored precision therapeutics for patients.”

Proscia is a software company that is changing the way the world practices pathology to transform research and diagnosis for diseases like cancer. With the company’s Concentriq digital pathology platform and pipeline of AI-powered applications, laboratories are leveraging new kinds of data to accelerate discoveries and improve patient outcomes. Proscia’s team of technologists, scientists, and pathologists is bringing a fresh approach to an outdated industry, helping the world to keep pace with the increasing demand for pathology services and fulfill the promise of precision diagnostics. For more information, visit

Datavant’s mission is to connect the world’s health data to improve patient outcomes. Datavant works to reduce the friction of data sharing across the healthcare industry by building neutral, trusted and ubiquitous technology that protects the privacy of patients while supporting the exchange of identified and de-identified health data across tens of thousands of healthcare institutions.