Pion Inc. Acquires Sirius Analytical Instruments Ltd.

Pion Inc., an industry leader in analytical instrumentation for drug development for the pharmaceutical industry, recently announced the acquisition of Sirius Analytical Instruments Ltd., headquartered in East Sussex, United Kingdom. Building off the 2016 acquisition of Vortex’s laboratory equipment services division, acquiring Sirius continues Pion’s initiative to grow their global footprint in instrumentation and services. Now with key facilities in both North America and Europe, Pion can provide faster and more efficient support to all customers and distributors.

“The combination of these two companies, with such deep roots in the drug development process, will have immediate impact across the industry. With a strategy of innovation and support, Pion firmly establishes themselves as the instrumentation leader for physical chemical property measurement,” said Mike Kelly, President, Pion Inc.

Sirius and Pion are both acknowledged as leaders in distinct but related scientific fields, and we share many customers, suppliers, and philosophies. Pion is a perfect choice of acquiring partner, playing firmly to the strengths of both organizations. My team and I are extremely excited about Sirius and Pion working together, advancing our science, and enhancing service and support for our valued customers globally,” added Paul Whittles, Managing Director, Sirius Analytical Instruments Ltd.

New chemical entities (NCEs) are becoming increasingly difficult to formulate due to the common problems of poor solubility and the challenges assessing absorption potential. Being able to provide these physicochemical measurements are more important than ever for successful drug formulation. Pion is now able to offer these on a global basis and will continue to innovate new products and applications in this area.

About Pion Inc.

Pion Inc. is an industry leader in analytical instrumentation for drug development for the pharmaceutical industry. Pion’s Rainbow Dynamic Dissolution Monitoring® system is the gold standard for fiber optic dissolution testing and solubility monitoring. Pion also provides key instrumentation and components for flux measurement and ionization characterization. In addition to Pion’s instrumentation, Pion offers a wide array of laboratory services on HPLC, GC, dissolution, and physical testing equipment.

About Sirius Analytical Instruments Ltd.

Sirius Analytical Instruments Ltd. designs, manufactures, services, and supplies analytical instrumentation for the pharmaceutical industry. The Sirius instrument range provides accurate and reliable values for pKa, log P, log D, solubility, and dissolution of small molecules, as well as simulating in vivo performance of subcutaneously injected small molecule and biological drugs with the Sirius Scissor. Sirius also offers an analytical service for high-quality CRO work that is used by hundreds of clients worldwide.

For more information, contact: Barb Schwartz, Content and Marketing Manager, bschwartz@pion-inc.com.