Owen Mumford Introduces 16-G Safety Lancet Into Unistik Touch Range for High-Volume Capillary Blood Sampling

Owen Mumford recently announced it has introduced a 16-gauge (16 G) safety lancet for high-volume capillary blood sampling into its leading Unistik product range. The new Unistik Touch 16 G has one-touch activation and Comfort Zone Technology that minimizes the pain of finger sampling.

The new safety lancet has been designed for healthcare professionals (HCPs) and test kit manufacturers. For HCPs who need to perform higher volume blood sampling on patients for a wide range of tests, including blood gas, electrolytes, blood coagulation, total bilirubin, and cardiac markers, it can be used in a variety of clinical settings and offers the benefit of fewer punctures for higher blood volumes.

It is also ideally suited for at-home and point of care testing (POCT) kits, making it a convenient choice for test kit inclusion by kit manufacturers who require reduced packaging, bulk order quantities, and can benefit from its small form and simple user features.

The Unistik Touch 16 G one-touch activation feature requires the user to simply press the device against the sample site. Activated automatically, the needle then retracts into the body of the device, minimizing the risk of re-use, pre-analytical errors for multiplex tests, cross infection, and needlestick injuries.

“The Unistik Touch range was developed in-house to make sampling more comfortable for patients and easier for HCPs to successfully obtain the right amount of blood first-time,” said Jesper Jonsson, Director of Medical Devices at Owen Mumford. “Our proven pain-minimizing technology and simple one-touch activation makes it a very attractive option and the 16 G lancet has been developed and priced competitively to ensure the same benefits in patient comfort can be offered within the growing at-home testing and POCT markets. This new solution for high volume blood sampling perfectly complements our portfolio so we can offer the market an even wider choice of safety lancet.”

The Unistik Touch 16 G is available in a range of packaging configurations including 100 ct, 200 ct, and bulk volumes. Further educational material has been created in collaboration with HCPs and key opinion leaders to support everyone in achieving reliable test results.

For more information, visit https://www.owenmumford.com/en/healthcare-professionals-product/unistik-touch/

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