New BD Cell Analyzer Includes Spectral Analysis Capabilities

BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) recently announced the launch of a spectral-enabled cell analyzer, expanding current cell analyzer capabilities to at least 34 parameters with live spectral unmixing, enabling researchers to precisely analyze selected single cells from complex samples.

The new BD FACSymphony A5 SE Cell Analyzer is a fluorescence-activated, spectral-enabled cell analyzer that offers researchers the ability to choose between spectral or compensation-based cell analysis to meet different flow cytometry needs. It is an important addition to the extended family of BD FACSymphony Cell Analyzers and Sorters, including the recently announced BD FACSymphony A1 Cell Analyzer, which offers premium performance in a benchtop format. For existing users of the BD FACSymphony A5 Cell Analyzer, software and hardware upgrades are available to enable spectral analysis.

“By enhancing our BD FACSymphony A5 instrument technology with spectral-enabling capabilities, we are responding to the expressed needs of our customers and laboratories, who want the flexibility to perform both conventional and spectral flow cytometry analyses on a single instrument,” said Puneet Sarin, Worldwide President of BD Biosciences. “Offering an analyzer with both spectral unmixing and compensation-based cell analysis gives customers the ability to transition to spectral analysis as needed and as their users are ready.”

With spectral unmixing, researchers have access to expanded dye capabilities to build larger panels or ease panel design efforts. Compensation-based analysis supports labs with existing protocols and users not ready to fully move to spectral analysis.

Spectral flow cytometry represents an alternative data acquisition and analysis strategy to conventional flow cytometry, providing flexibility of fluorescent label inputs without having to change filters, as well as the ability to multiplex more fluorescent labels in one multicolor sample. Spectral unmixing is a procedure that calculates the amount of each fluorophore present on a cell based on the full emission profile of each individual fluorochrome. For more information, visit

BD Biosciences has been the leading provider of innovative technology and advanced solutions in flow cytometry systems since 1974 when the first commercial fluorescent activated cell sorter was introduced. From simple, highly accessible flow cytometers that can be used on a routine basis in a wide range of applications to highly advanced, high-parameter cell analyzers to resolve and analyze rare cell populations and distinctive phenotypes in a heterogeneous cell population, BD offers a broad portfolio of flow cytometers for all research needs. Workflow automation, standardization across instruments and sites, and connectivity are all critical for a successful lab. Along with BD clinical flow cytometry reagents and acquisition and analysis software and informatics tools, BD provides a complete solution for all cell analysis needs. BD cell analyzers are backed by more than 40 years of expert training, service and support. BD continues to innovate through partnership and collaboration with customers.

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