Nemera’s Next-Generation Nasal Spray Now in Production

Nemera has invested more than 10 million euros in R&D and manufacturing to launch the only user-independent multi-dose nasal spray system on the market. So far, the drug product packaging for Advancia is approved in one European country.

Advancia represents a major breakthrough in nasal drug delivery by providing patients with a user-independent system ideal for topical and systemic preserved drugs in a user-friendly package.

Patient non-compliance with therapy could result in ineffective treatment or, in the case of potent drugs, harmful effects in patients. The new user-independent nasal spray packaging Advancia guarantees a consistent dose and spray, irrespective of the manner in which the patient uses it.

This user-independent device is able to deliver excellent dose consistency exceeding the most stringent regulatory requirements. Moreover, with its anti-clogging technology, the system ensures spray delivery even with formulations that tend to crystallize. As a result, patients are not required to clean the actuator after each use.

The extended prime retention of up to several months offers a unique solution for drugs for which treatment needs are infrequent; hence patients do not have to re-prime the pump to ensure full delivery of the dose after several weeks of non-use; this also limits drug waste (no spray loss). All these features improve patient compliance. Advancia offers several major advantages: user-independence, excellent dose consistency, long prime retention, mechanical closing tip to prevent problems due to clogging, no metal part in contact with the formulation, and compatible with FEA 20-mm crimp-on neck finish bottles (plastic or glass).

Nemera is one of the world leaders in the design, development, and manufacturing of drug delivery solutions. Its expertise covers all five modes of delivery: nasal/buccal/auricular (spray pumps, actuators, valves, etc.), ophthalmic
(preservative-free multidose eyedroppers), pulmonary (pMDI, MDIs, DPIs), dermal/transdermal (airless and atmospheric dispensers), and parenteral (autoinjectors, pens, and safety devices). Nemera provides solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, including standard innovative products, the development of proprietary devices, and contract manufacturing. The Advancia innovative project is cofinanced by the European Union. For more information visit