Nemera & Nelson Labs Europe Strengthen Partnership to Offer Integrated Services to Customers

Nemera, a leading partner for drug delivery device solutions and combination product services and Nelson Labs, a global leader in microbiological and analytical chemistry testing and expert advisory services for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries announced that they are strengthening, their already existing, partnership for the benefit of their customers and patients.

(On left: Eric Meyers. On right: Marc Hämel)

This non-exclusive partnership provides Nemera extractables & leachables, biocompatibility, microbiology and chemical testing; providing an integrated services offering to customers for their drug/device combination products and helping to accelerate their time to market.

“We’re very happy that we can offer our lab testing services and associated scientific knowledge to a company like Nemera where we share the same premise of improving the lives of patients worldwide. We are convinced that by combining our forces we will bring many benefits to both the end customer and ultimately the patient” Says Eric Meyers, Senior Vice President EMEAA Nelson Labs.

Marc Hämel, CEO of Nemera said, “We’ve been relying on Nelson Labs’ expertise for several years now. This announcement comes at the perfect time for Nemera as we passionately grow our business as an integrated services partner. Our goal is to bring the most benefits possible when it comes to front-end innovation & device development, clinical & commercial device manufacturing and combination product services to customers and ultimately patients.”

(Nelson Labs & Nemera team on the day of signing)

At Nemera and Nelson Labs, we collectively believe building positive relationships in business is one of the most important foundations for success and we look forward to a solid collaboration.

Nelson Labs is a global leader in microbiological and analytical chemistry testing and advisory services for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Nelson Labs serves over 3,000 customers across 15 facilities in the United States, Mexico, Asia, and Europe. We have a comprehensive array of over 900 laboratory tests supporting our customers from initial product development and sterilization validation, through regulatory approval and ongoing product testing for sterility, safety, and quality assurance. We are regarded as a best-in-class partner with a strong track record of collaborating with customers to solve complex issues.

Based in Leuven, Belgium, Nelson Labs Europe specializes in providing premium extractables & leachables testing services to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. We also support pharmaceutical companies across the globe in developing worldwide compliance testing strategies to qualify container/closure applications and pharmaceutical production equipment from an extractables & leachables perspective.

With decades of expertise, we stand behind the quality of our results and the strength or our customer partnerships. Along with our sister companies Sterigenics and Nordion, we are part of Sotera Health, the leading protector of global health. Safeguarding Global Health – with every test we complete. For more information, visit

As a world-leading drug delivery device solutions provider, Nemera’s purpose of putting patients first enables us to design and manufacture devices that maximize treatment efficacy.

We are a holistic partner and help our customers succeed in the sprint to market of their combination products. From early device strategy to state-of-the-art manufacturing, we’re committed to the highest quality standards.
Agile and open-minded, we work with our customers as colleagues. Together, we go the extra mile to fulfill our mission. For more information, visit