N-of-One Signs Business partner Agreement With Affymetrix

N-of-One, Inc. recently announced it has signed a business partner agreement with Affymetrix,a leading provider of DNA microarrays. Under this agreement, N-of-One will provide copy number variation (CNV) analysis interpretation for Affymetrix OncoScan assay customers. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Affymetrix OncoScan assay provides a genome-wide copy number profile from a solid tumor sample. The analysis of copy number aberrations has been shown to inform therapeutic strategies in oncology. Combining whole-genome copy number analysis, LOH, and somatic mutation data enables a deeper understanding of each patient’s cancer.

N-of-One is working closely with Affymetrix to ensure that data from OncoScan assay combined with N-of-One interpretation optimize for clinicians the value of tumor profiling based on CNV analysis. N-of-One delivers highly scalable, cost-effective interpretation that is patient specific and can be configured to the needs of each organization. The combination will deliver the understanding of CNV analysis that is required by clinicians to assist in identifying targeted therapeutic strategies in clinical research and clinical trials.

“Affymetrix selected N-of-One because of its extensive experience delivering high-quality clinical interpretation, which provides valuable insights to clinicians,” said Kim Caple, Affymetrix Senior Vice President and General Manager, Clinical Business. “The combination of OncoScan assay and N-of-One interpretation will provide highly valuable intelligence to aid clinicians as they decide individual treatment options for their clinical research.”

“N-of-One is very pleased to team with Affymetrix”, added Chris Cournoyer, CEO of N-of-One. “We are focused on partnering with Affymetrix to meet the growing demand for OncoScan assay by delivering high quality, cost-effective and scalable interpretation that meets their business objectives.”

Affymetrix technologies enable multiplex and simultaneous analysis of biological systems at the cell, protein, and gene level, facilitating the rapid translation of bench-top research into clinical and routine use for human health and wellness. For more information, visit www.affymetrix.com.

N-of-One, a leader in enabling precision medicine for oncology, leverages its world-class team of experts coupled with a highly proprietary platform that allows the company to provide clinical solutions and services, such as molecular interpretation, to clinicians at the point of care. For more information, visit www.n-of-one.com.