Micropore Appoints Technology Distributor for Japanese Market

Award-winning UK-based particle engineering specialist Micropore Technologies has just announced the appointment of the Mutual Corporation as the representative for sales of its patented membrane technology in the Japanese market.

Established for over 70 years, headquartered in Osaka, and with offices/production and research facilities in Fukuoka, Shizuoka, Tokyo, Toyama, and Yachimata, the Mutual Corporation designs, manufactures, imports, and exports manufacturing equipment with a strong focus on the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.

Micropore’s patented scalable emulsification and encapsulation technology offers manufacturing capacities from 10 grams/hour up to 1500 kg/hour of products with precisely controlled particle sizes. It also offers lipid nanoparticle and liposome manufacturing technologies for vaccines and gene therapies.

Micropore’s GMP-compliant technology utilizes tubular membranes with no moving parts.  The very low shear forces involved protect sensitive ingredients from processing damage – significantly reducing production wastage (which can be up to 50% using traditional homogenization and encapsulation techniques); and reduces processing energy by around a 70% – again contributing a positive impact on the end cost of products.

Mutual Corporation is very well connected throughout Micropore’s target market sectors.  Throughout the history of the company, Mutual aims to contribute to the development of society by applying the motto “coexistence and mutual prosperity.” Based on the spirit of mutuality, Mutual endeavours to strive for a prosperous future together with its business partners, shareholders and employees. Together Mutual Corporation and Micropore will serve the parentral drug, vaccine and gene therapy markets as well as the personal care and other demanding market sectors.

Dai Hayward, CEO of Micropore, said “We are delighted that Mutual Corporation will help us enter the challenging Japanese market.  They bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge and I look forward to our partnership developing positively.”

Mutual offers comprehensive support for production systems and solutions installed in facilities such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods and so on through expertise in four market sectors – engineering, manufacturing, trading, maintenance.

Micropore’s has won multiple international awards for its innovative membrane-based technology, most recently an Excellence in Pharma Award for Membrane Crystallisation of APIs at the 2020 CPhI Pharma Awards.

Micropore’s patented encapsulation technology originated in the department of chemical engineering at Loughborough University.  Dr Marijana Dragosavac Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Admissions Tutor at Chemical Engineering department at Loughborough and Micropore’s Chief Scientific Officer has published many papers in the field. Micropore Technologies Limited was established over ten years ago as a high-technology spin-out of Loughborough University and is a solutions provider commercialising products and technology based on its patented encapsulation and emulsification processes. For more information, visit www.microporetech.com.