Mateon Therapeutics & Windlas Biotech Launch India’s First Combined Lung Therapy & AI Telemedicine Solution

Mateon Therapeutics, Inc. and Windlas Biotech Pvt. Ltd. recently announced the launch in India of PulmoHeal, a first-of-its-kind integrated, consumer-centric solution for respiratory wellness.

The combined drug + AI telemedicine 360o care solution is designed to support the estimated 100 million people in India who suffer from respiratory problems and address the underlying challenges of a lack of cost-effective and lab-free methods for early diagnosis of diseases.

PulmoHeal consists of three components:

-the drug PulmoHeal, a broad-spectrum, lung therapy food supplement that is supported by a multi-centre rigorous clinical study that has demonstrated efficacy against a viral respiratory infection- COVId-19;

-a mobile app called ArtiHealth powered by Mateon’s AI supercomputing platform that allows patients to submit a questionnaire and a daily cough recording to receive real-time information on their respiratory function and progress over time; and

-a post-marketing survey (PMS) platform to crowd-source user experience for new indications.

Artemisinin – the active component in PulmoHeal- is derived from the extract of the indigenous plant Artemisia, which has exhibited multiple pharmacological activity against inflammation, viral infections, and lung repair.

Online channels include Amazon, Flipkart and, PulmoHeal can be taken periodically by those affected by respiratory viral infection, asthma, hay fever, or smokers and even those living in smog infested cities to improve their lung health and breathing functions. Additional information at

Hitesh Windlass, MD, Windlas Biotech, said “Windlas, with its US partner Mateon, is the first company in the world to bring forward an integrated consumer-centric solution to respiratory health. PulmoHeal is a unique combination of cutting-edge manufacturing, clinical drug development, and AI, which harnesses the power of traditional and modern science. The ARTIHealth model can be replicated for a range of therapies, including monitoring COVID-19 infection. Our work with Mateon on PulmoHeal has been accepted by leading peer-reviewed journals in modern medicine and we shall continue to build on our momentum in bringing 360o solution to all facets of healthcare.”

Saran Saund, CBO and GM of AI Division, Mateon, added “To date, standard of care for mild and moderate COVID-19 patients is primarily limited to self-quarantine due to a significant strain of medical resources, without any drug therapy. Such patients can benefit from PulmoHeal. We are optimistic that our solution will be beneficial even beyond current pandemic by empowering the patients and reducing burden on health care providers.”

Dr. Vuong Trieu, CEO and Chairman of Mateon, said “We are pleased to be able to leverage on the deep tradition of Indian medicine and advanced artificial intelligence and supercomputing technologies under one umbrella to create this innovative solution to healthcare, one which we hope to replicate throughout the world across multiple indications. With our continued drive to remove inefficiencies from drug development and clinical trial processes, this platform sets the stage for continual improvement of drug development and clinical trials by democratizing the drug development process through patient-driven research.”

Clinical data suggests that PulmoHeal efficacy is statistically significant and more than doubles the recovery rate of COVID-19 patients. These results have been published in a prestigious peer-reviewed international journal Frontiers in Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology.

Mateon’s AI telemedicine platform combines a mobile app called ArtiHealth for consumers to self-monitor their respiratory health using AI-driven logic. It also enables a post-marketing survey to allow crowd sourcing of data from patients to provide large-scale real-world clinical data necessary for a evaluation of PulmoHeal in respiratory diseases such as COPD and asthma. A QR code on the product package allows consumers to download the app on their mobile device.

Windlas is a 20-year-old company with a strong track record of research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of pharmaceutical products in India, the US, and several other emerging markets. It has four large-scale manufacturing facilities employing more than 1500 employees and is the fifth largest Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) serving top innovator as well as generic pharma companies across the world. It has developed more than 500 different formulations (> 2 billion doses annually) of anti-viral, cardiovascular, anti-diabetic, anti-infective, CNS and dermatology products. For more information, please visit

Mateon was created by the 2019 merger with Oncotelic, which became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mateon, thereby creating an immuno-oncology company dedicated to the development of first in class RNA therapeutics as well as small molecule drugs against cancer and infectious diseases. OT-101, the lead immuno-oncology drug candidate of Mateon/Oncotelic, is a first-in-class anti-TGF-βRNA therapeutic that exhibited single agent activity in some relapsed/refractory cancer patients in clinical trial settings. OT-101 also has activity against SARS-CoV-2. Mateon/Oncotelic is seeking to leverage its deep expertise in oncology drug development to improve treatment outcomes and survival of cancer patients with a special emphasis on rare paediatric cancers. Mateon has rare paediatric designation for DIPG (OT-101), melanoma (CA4P), and AML (OXi4503). For more information, visit and