Vol. 7 No. 8 September – 2007

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The Future of Dissolvable Films
Scott D. Barnhart, MS, and Martha S. Sloboda, MBA, outline the next generation of films, the benefits of the platform across delivery routes, and the primary considerations in formulating for novel applications. 

Nanotechnology ““ Government Funding Driving Infrastructure

Frost & Sullivan Consultant Joan Brodovsky explains believes that while the impact of this young discipline is not fully known, tremendous advancements in biotechnology and healthcare are beginning to emerge.


Nebulizable Nanoparticle Dispersions: A Novel Inhalable Dosage Form

Andrew Loxley, PhD, and Ismar Dizdarevic highlight their company’s technology by which hydrophobic APIs can be encapsulated in wax nanoparticles in aqueous dispersion that can be effectively nebulized via an OTC nebulizer. 


Hand-Held Injection Systems Boast Safety & Efficiency

Contributor Cindy H. Dubin explores how hand-held injection systems have evolved to the point where finer, virtually pain-free needles are becoming the norm and technology has helped needle-free injection come into its own.


Adsorption in Pharmacy: A Review

H. Dureja, MPharm, and A.K. Madan, PhD, discuss the exciting potential of utilizing adsorption for innumerable pharmaceutical applications, including enhanced bioavailability, reduced toxicity, and better drug delivery.


Penwest: A Specialty Pharmaceutical Company Leveraging its Drug Delivery Technologies

Drug Delivery Executive: Ms. Jennifer L. Good, President & CEO of Penwest discusses how her company intends to commercialize products independently through its own specialty neurology sales force and through third-party alliances with pharmaceutical partners.


Pain: The Fifth Vital Sign; Topical Delivery of Pain Therapeutics

Dileep Bhagwat, PhD, MBA, explains that most cases of pain are systemically treated, raising the dose of the drug throughout the body and the risk of adverse reactions. However, it has been demonstrated that topical delivery of pain medication can be quite effective, while avoiding the side effects of systemic administration.


MedPointe Seeks Niche Markets to Build Empire

Executive Summary: Paul R. Edick, President, CEO, and Board Director of MedPointe, shares what his company is doing to become a world-class specialty pharmaceutical company.




Market News & Trends


Combination Update

Strategies for Developing & Commercializing Next-Generation Medical Devices


Advanced Delivery Devices                                                                               

The Impact of Drug Delivery Devices: Finding the Right Device for Your Business


External Delivery

The Ostrich Posture Misconception