September 2008

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The Deal
Derrek G. Hennecke, MBA, concludes his 7-part series chronicling the challenges, issues, and more importantly, the opportunities he faced throughout his successful Management Buy-Out. 

Today’s Hand-Held Injectors – Differentiation is King

Contributor Cindy H. Dubin discovers that while all hand-held injection device companies strive to accommodate patient compliance and keep costs down, they also are vying to bring unique and innovative technologies to the market.


A Solid Microstructured Transdermal System (sMTS) for Systemic Delivery of Salts & Proteins

Kris Hansen, PhD, and Bret Haldin, MBA, review sMTS and how it embodies the patient-friendly characteristics of a transdermal patch with the versatility and application times more akin to subcutaneous injection.


Rationale & Design of Studies to Screen & Identify Promising Topical Formulations

Daniel Bucks, PhD, discusses the rationale for conducting skin-penetration studies, appropriate test systems, the importance of the source of the skin, and typical study design variables and deliverables.           


Aggregation, Agglomeration ““ How to Avoid Aggravation When Formulating Particulate Suspensions

David Fairhurst, PhD, and Robert W. Lee, PhD, describe the steps involved in formulating particulate systems. Knowledge of this process coupled with an understanding of the physicochemical properties of the API is necessary to produce pharmaceutically acceptable particulate systems.


Cancer Nanotechnology: Small, but Heading for the Big Time

G.M. Patel and M.M. Patel, PhD, outline the use of nanostructures for cancer therapy, which has experienced a tremendous investment and an explosion of research and development efforts in recent years.


Cirrus Pharmaceuticals: Combining Excellent Service & Scientific Expertise

Drug Delivery Executive: Dr. Anthony Hickey, Co-founder, CEO, and President of Cirrus, explains how his firm is collaborating with the industry as a CRO and how its drug delivery expertise will expand in the future.


Pantec Biosolutions: Laser-Based Delivery Solutions

Drug Delivery Executive: Dr. Christof Böhler, CEO of Pantec, discusses overcoming limitations with the P.L.E.A.S.E. platform and sheds light on the company’s own pipeline as well as its strategy to penetrate new markets through strategic partnerships.


Serving the Specialty Pharma Sector to Mitigate Risk & Maximize Profit

Contributor Cindy H. Dubin speaks with three CMOs about how they are trying to appeal to the Specialty Pharma sector and the services they are providing to meet those companies’ unique needs.

Testosterone Gel for HSDD: Technology Tackles an Unmet Medical Need

Stephen M. Simes talks about the development of what Biosante Pharmaceuticals expects will be the first FDA-approved medication indicated specifically for hypoactive sexual desire disorder in menopausal women.


Bionumbers, LLC: Turning Insight Into Action

Executive Summary: Dr. Jo Bossart, Managing Director of Bionumbers, shares how a better understanding of history can ensure a future product success story.




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Copovidone ““ A Copolymer With Unique Formulation Properties


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