April 2008

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Financing the Purchase: Where Will it Come From?

Derrek G. Hennecke, MBA, continues with part 3 of his 7-part series chronicling the challenges, issues, and more importantly, the opportunities he faced throughout his Management Buy-Out.


A Historical Look at Injectable Pharmaceutical Packaging

Frances L. DeGrazio reviews the drivers behind the advancement of material science and manufacturing technologies and what can be expected moving forward regarding industry requirements, regulatory guidances, advanced manufacturing technologies, and the shift in healthcare delivery to the increasing use of self-administered drugs.


The Upcoming Era of Nanomedicine: A Briefing

Bhupendra.G.Prajapati, MPharm; Jayvadan K. Patel, PhD; Vishnu M. Patel, PhD; and Krunal V. Prajapati provide a short brief on the current state and applications of nanomedicine.


PharmaForm, LLC: Drug Delivery & Product Development Expertise

Drug Delivery Executive: Michael Crowley, PhD, VP of Business Development for PharmaForm, talks about his perspectives on providing services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.


dermaCM: A Contract Manufacturer With Advanced Nanotechnology

Robert L. Dowdell, Executive Director of Sales for dermaCM, shares his thoughts on how dermaCM is making significant inroads in the development of drug delivery technologies, while providing a full suite of contract manufacturing, research and development, and technologies licensing services.


Specialty Pharma Makes CROs Part of its Pipeline Strategy

Contributor Cindy H. Dubin asked some of the leading CROs how they are addressing the important issues of today and what they are doing to distinguish themselves from the rest of the crowd.


Quality, Solution, Leading & Experience: It’s all too Predictable

Malcolm A. Teasdale explains how you cannot expect results just because you purchased media space or advanced some publicity initiative; you have to stick out!


QuatRx: Focusing on Late-Stage Development Programs in Major Therapeutic Areas

Executive Summary: Robert Zerbe, MD, CEO, and Co-founder of QuatRx, discusses the key strategic decisions that have contributed to the company’s rapid growth and success.


Lucrative Therapeutic Markets: Opportunities, Challenges & Future Outlook

Frost & Sullivan Analyst Barath S. Shankar believes the realignment of growth strategies by most Big Pharma and Specialty Pharmaceutical companies is toward areas within specialty and niche markets that have been significantly under-penetrated and represent a lucrative market opportunity.


Which Way to Drug Approval?

Stuart Madden, PhD, outlines a Product Development Plan and the influencing factors that can change throughout the product’s development lifetime, sometimes as a result of the program itself and or from external factors.


Changing Business Practices in the Chinese Pharmaceutical Market

Ames Gross and John Minot indicate the pharmaceutical market in China is currently growing at about 15% per year, but warn that the times will be just as challenging as they are exciting.




Market News & Trends


Excipient Update

Influence of Drug-to-Lipid Ratio & Release Modifier on Dipyridamole Release From Floating Lipid Granules


Attorney Review    

Obviousness – The Subject That Just Won’t Go Away


Combination Update

Investment Trends Driving Combination Product Development


Technology Showcase


Facts & Figures


External Delivery