IP Assets of Biopharmaceuticals Delivery Specialists Brought to Market by Metis Partners

The IP assets of a recognized leader in the bioformulation and drug delivery industry, XstalBio Limited, which is behind CentuRecon – a patent-backed reconstitution technology that has the potential to revolutionize the preparation of high-concentration protein solutions, are being offered for sale by Metis Partners, the award-winning, commercial intellectual property consulting firm.

Established as a spin off from the University of Strathclyde to develop powder formulations for biologic drugs and vaccines, XstalBio achieved industry partnerships with high-profile players in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

The company was set up with a focus on developing, designing, and supplying solutions to international clients to drive biopharmaceuticals and vaccines to market by enabling the delivery of products to patients.

XstalBio filed a number of patent applications underpinning the CentuRecon technology, which is aimed at significantly reducing the time taken to prepare high-concentration solutions of therapeutic proteins from dry powders. XstalBio’s patent filings span across Europe, Canada, Brazil, India, Japan, and the US.

The CenturRecon technology produces an injectable, foam-free, clear solution within a fraction of the time typically required for reconstitution via manual swirling. It has been launched as the first rapid, safe, and reproducible method of reconstituting dry powder formulations and can be applied to multiple samples simultaneously, intended to significantly reduce time spent by R&D scientists and healthcare professionals on the drug reconstitution process.

Nat Baldwin, Head of Corporate Recovery at Metis Partners, said “This is a unique opportunity to obtain the IP assets of a company, which has achieved significant exposure in trade literature and solid brand recognition in the space, standing apart from its competitors through the supply of an industry-first technology. The technology was designed to accelerate the delivery of biologics at high concentration, which is of particular importance in a world where biologics often represent the most cutting-edge of biomed research and may offer the opportunity to treat medical illnesses and conditions that presently have no treatments available. We expect that the sale would be of interest to players in the pharma, and particularly biologic pharmaceuticals, space, as well as medical device developers and manufacturers, with a specific focus on centrifuge and syringe producers.”