Immutep to Receive Milestone Payment From GSK

Immutep Limited recently announced it will receive a milestone payment from GSK of $5.02 million related to the first patient being dosed in GSK’s Phase 2 clinical trial evaluating GSK2831781 in ulcerative colitis.

GSK2831781 is derived from Immutep’s IMP731 antibody, a depleting anti-LAG antibody technology that was exclusively licensed to GSK. Under the terms of the agreement, Immutep is eligible to receive up to $ 80.38 million in developmental milestone payments as well as single-digit tiered royalties, if GSK2831781 is commercialized. GSK is responsible for all costs associated with the clinical development and commercialization of GSK2831781.

Immutep CEO Marc Voigt, said “It is very encouraging to see GSK advancing their product candidate in a Phase 2 clinical trial for ulcerative colitis, further validating LAG-3 as a potential target for therapeutics in autoimmune diseases. These partner milestone payments are an important source of nondilutive funding to the company and this capital will be deployed to further advance our extensive development programs.”

Further details of the Phase 2 GSK trial can be found at:

GSK2831781 is a depleting anti-LAG antibody that was derived from IMP731 and was licenced to GSK in 2010. IMP731 and GSK2831781 are designed to specifically deplete potentially pathogenic, recently activated LAG-3 expressing T cells which are enriched at the disease site in T cell driven immuno-inflammatory disorders and should spare other T cells which may be necessary for other functions.