Immutep Granted US Patent for Eftilagimod Alpha in Chemo-Immunotherapy Combination

Immutep Limited, a biotechnology company developing novel immunotherapy treatments for cancer and autoimmune disease, recently announced the grant of a new patent (number 10,736,940) titled Combined Preparations for the Treatment of Cancer by the United States Patent Office.

This United States patent follows the grant of the corresponding European, Australian, and Japanese patents (announced May 23, 2019, June 21, 2019, and May 7, 2020, respectively) and protects Immutep’s intellectual property relating to combined therapeutic preparations comprising its lead active immunotherapy candidate eftilagimod alpha (efti or IMP321) and a chemotherapy agent. The chemotherapy agent is either a platinum-based anti-neoplastic agent, such as oxaliplatin or carboplatin, or a topoisomerase I inhibitor, such as topotecan.

This new patent highlights the ongoing and important steps being taken by the company to protect its lead product candidate in a range of novel and highly relevant combination formats, in both chemo-immunotherapy and other immunotherapy settings. The patent expiry date is 25 January 2035 (including 37 days of patent term adjustment). For more information, visit