Hovione Technology Completes Pilot-Scale Blister Manufacturing for the Papillon DPI

Hovione Technology recently announced it has completed pilot-scale blister manufacturing and filling for its new reusable blister-based dry powder inhaler, the Papillon DPI. Papillon targets global industry-leading inhaler affordability and environmental sustainability.

“This is an important milestone allowing Hovione Technology to deliver Papillion inhalers together with blister samples to its pharmaceutical partners with their new inhalable powder formulations in quantities suitable for initial development purposes”, said Peter Villax, Hovione Technology’s CEO.

Papillon’s blister is designed to provide flexibility to pharmaceutical partners delivering a wide range of inhaled drugs for both acute and chronic respiratory treatments. Its large cavity size enables filling doses of up to 50 mg and is compatible both with carrier-based and carrier-free powder formulations.

“We are excited to be working with Harro Höfliger, who are experts in powder filling technologies and industrial filling machines to establish a pilot-scale blister manufacturing solution for our Papillon DPI. We will continue to work with this partner to develop a manufacturing solution that can be smoothly integrated into standard, industrial-scale blister filling machines capable of high-volume commercial manufacturing for pharmaceutical partners”, said João Ventura Fernandes, Hovione Technology’s Director of Technology Development and Licensing.

Hovione Technology’s Papillon dry powder inhaler is an innovative, single-dose reusable blister-based DPI of simple use. Manufactured from a single plastic part, Papillon unlocks a cost of goods per dose competitive to that of multi-dose inhalers at a fraction of the development cost and risk. The Papillon DPI targets global industry-leading inhaler affordability and environmental sustainability.

Hovione Technology offers access to a complete portfolio of innovative, cost-effective dry powder inhalation devices – disposable, capsule-based, blister-based and large dose DPIs. With over 20 years of expertise developing innovative inhaler technology, Hovione Technology’s team has been behind the first market approved disposable dry powder inhaler for influenza treatment in Japan, the TwinCaps DPI. Millions of patients are being treated every year with Hovione Technology’s innovative inhaler technology. For more information, visit www.hovionetechnology.com.

Harro Höfliger specializes in the development of customer-oriented process and production solutions for pharmaceutical and medical applications as well as market-oriented consumer products. In addition to innovative machine platforms and packaging machines, customized turnkey system solutions for product assembly, processing of web materials, as well as dosing and inhalation technology are the company’s core expertise. With a systematically structured portfolio of upscalable test machines and modules, Harro Höfliger covers all phases from the laboratory stage to high-performance production. For more information, visit https://www.hoefliger.com/.