Hovione Technology Announces Key Patent Grants for its Large-Dose DPI

Hovione Technology recently announced the notice of patent grants in key territories of the world for one of its Large-Dose dry powder inhaler (DPI) platforms, the TwinMax DPI.

“We achieved unchallenged patent grants for TwinMax in the US, Europe, Japan, China, and other territories. Our patented TwinMax will enable pharmaceutical partners to license them and to develop and take forward to the market new drugs requiring delivery of large lung doses”, said Peter Villax, Hovione Technology’s CEO.

TwinMax is an innovative, 2-puff, disposable dry powder inhaler designed for indications requiring high-dose delivery to the lungs. It features a patent-granted design enabling delivery of doses up to 100 mg formulated as drug alone or engineered particles.

“The patient simply needs to perform one-use step and the large target dose is delivered from 2 puffs to make delivery comfortable. We have designed an enhanced inhaler engine for large dose delivery, while keeping the overall usability of TwinCaps, the world’s leading disposable inhaler with an experience of 10 years treating patients in Japan,” said Dr João Ventura Fernandes, Hovione Technology’s Director of Technology Development and Licensing.

Hovione Technology’s TwinMax and 8Shot DPIs are designed to enable safe and effective delivery of large doses to the lung. Featuring patented inhaler technology, TwinMax and 8Shot are compatible with drug doses up to 100 mg and 400 mg respectively, delivered conveniently to patients from multiple inhalations. Our Large-Dose DPIs are suitable for inhaled delivery of antibiotics, peptides, anti-virals, vaccines, pain, or rescue treatments.

Hovione Technology offers access to a complete portfolio of innovative, cost-effective dry powder inhalation devices – disposable, capsule-based, blister-based and large dose DPIs. With over 20 years of expertise developing innovative inhaler technology, Hovione Technology’s team has been behind the first market approved disposable dry powder inhaler for influenza treatment in Japan, the TwinCaps DPI. Millions of patients are being treated every year with Hovione Technology’s innovative inhaler technology. For more information, visit www.hovionetechnology.co.