Hovione Expands Offering to Solve Bioavailability & Other Delivery Challenges

Hovione recently announced the expansion of its solutions to solve issues of poor bioavailability, patient acceptability, and the enabling of optimal delivery for non-oral routes of administration. Building on the experience of more than 100 projects and successful commercialization of spray dried dispersions, Hovione’s toolkit of solutions now includes crystal design, particle size reduction to the micro or nano-scale, and amorphous solid dispersions. These services are offered from bench to commercial scale and are complemented with formulation development and clinical manufacture to Phase II.

“We are very pleased to offer our customers these technologies. In response to customers’ needs, Hovione is investing in new technologies, many of them capable of handling highly potent compounds. These will help drive compounds with development challenges from early clinical to market,” said Guy Villax, Chief Executive.

Colin Minchom PhD, who has been leading Hovione’s Particle Design business since March, stated, “More than the technologies, the quality of Hovione’s scientists, engineers, and their experience in the application of 21st Century methodologies, such as QbD, PAT, and process modelling are outstanding.”

Hovione will be presenting its new offering in detail during the AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition at McCormick Place in Chicago. Hovione scientists and staff will be available to support your queries at booth 3936 from October 15-17. The company will also be exhibiting at Booth 3D39 at CPhI in Feria de Madrid, Spain (October 9-11). For those interested in the offering but are not able to attend either event, please visit www.hovione.com/pd or contact particledesign@hovione.com.

Hovione is a global company with over 50 years of experience in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient and Drug Product Intermediate development and compliant manufacture. With four FDA inspected sites in the US, China, Ireland, and Portugal, the company focuses on the most demanding customers in the most regulated markets. Hovione offers integrated API, particle design, formulation development, and manufacturing. In the inhalation area, Hovione is the only independent company offering such a broad range of services.