Halberd Collaborates With GreenBioAZ for the Development of Its Patent Pending Radio Frequency Technology 

Halberd Corporation has engaged GreenBioAZ, Inc. to conduct laboratory testing of Halberd’s patent-pending Radio Frequency (RF) extracorporeal treatment to eliminate infectious disease pathogens. The methodology entails treating bodily fluids with an Antibody-Metallic Moiety Conjugate (AMMC) that targets a specific pathogen such as SARS-CoV-2 during extracorporeally exposing bodily fluids to a specific Radio Frequency wavelength.  This will permit the established frequency of the electromagnetic wave being converted into thermal energy and then transferred to the metallic element of the Antigen-Antibody-Metallic Moiety Conjugate (AAMMC), causing heat eradication of the SARS-CoV-2 viral particles, inside and outside of the infected human cells.

The tests are designed to verify and fine tune the parameters that will safely and effectively destroy the target Antigen Antibody-Metallic Moiety Conjugate without damaging adjacent healthy cells.

Dr. Reyes, Halberd’s Chief Technical Officer, said “These initial tests will allow us to quickly confirm the efficacy of various components, parameters, and the ideal metrics which will lead us to the next level of tests – in vivo testing.”

Dr. Shawn Chen, Director of GreenBioAz, Inc., added “We are pleased to collaborate with Halberd in developing a novel treatment to address the global public health threat from COVID-19, as well as other diseases.  We hope to develop this new treatment based on our synergistic expertise in antibody development and extracorporeal treatment of diseases.

William A. Hartman, Chairman, President and CEO, said “To have Dr. Chen and GreenBioAZ conducting these initial RF tests provides a strong synergy with our work in developing antibodies targeting SARS-COV-2 antigens. These are very important steps in applying our technology to a commercially viable treatment regimen. By conjugating our highly specific antibodies with a metallic moiety, we expect to be able to accurately target the desired viral antigen for elimination through radio waves. If these tests prove to be as successful as we think they will be, and we are able to successfully identify the frequency that is tied to the target antigen, it is theoretically possible to create specific antibody-metallic moiety conjugates to target and eliminate any infectious disease! This process could revolutionize medicine in that we believe there would likely be no adverse side-effects, particularly when conducted extracorporeally.”

GreenBioAZ, Inc. is a Biotechnology company using its proprietary technologies to develop monoclonal antibodies and vaccines against infectious diseases and cancer. GreenBioAz is based in Chandler, AZ.

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