Foamix Announces New US Patent That Expires in 2037

Foamix Pharmaceuticals Ltd. recently announced the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent No. 10,398,641 covering a method of treating acne that expires in 2037.

US Patent No. 10,398,641 is directed to a method related to the use and topical administration of certain minocycline formulations once daily for at least seven consecutive days to treat acne vulgaris within middle adolescence. This newly issued patent is the latest US patent to issue to Foamix in connection with Foamix’s drug development programs for treating acne vulgaris, and expires in September 2037.

“We are delighted with the continued development and extension of our patent portfolio. This new patent provides additional coverage for our lead product candidate, FMX101, a topical minocycline foam for moderate-to-severe acne, and demonstrates our commitment to innovation in the category,” said David Domzalski Chief Executive Officer of Foamix.

Foamix is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of proprietary, innovative and differentiated topical drugs for dermatological therapy. Our leading clinical stage product candidates are FMX101, our topical minocycline foam for the treatment of moderate-to-severe acne and FMX103, our topical minocycline foam for the treatment of rosacea. We continue to pursue research and development of our proprietary, innovative topical technologies for the treatment of various skin conditions. For more information, visit