Fluidigm Introduces Advanta RNA Fusions NGS Library Prep Assay

Fluidigm Corporation recently introduced the Advanta™ RNA Fusions NGS Library Prep Assay for detection of over 380 gene fusion pairs from solid tumors and hematological cancers. Developed to fuel new advances in translational and clinical cancer research, the assay uniquely empowers researchers to interrogate gene fusions from a wide range of cancer types using a simple and highly efficient automated NGS library prep workflow.

Gene fusions are an important and growing class of genetic markers associated with human oncogenesis. These commonly occur when a DNA rearrangement creates a fusion of two different genes. Often resulting in the production of a chimeric oncogenic fusion protein or significant amplification of oncogene expression, gene fusions can drive cancer progression and influence therapeutic response.

The Advanta RNA Fusions NGS Library Prep Assay was developed to profile over 1,000 known gene fusion breakpoints present in tumor RNA, automating library preparation for subsequent analysis on Illumina NGS platforms. Requiring as little as 10 ng of RNA material per sample, the automated microfluidic workflow reduces hands-on time and lowers reaction volumes to nanoliter scale, delivering significant cost savings per sample.

“We designed the Advanta RNA Fusions Library Prep Assay to work in concert with our new Advanta Solid Tumor Library Prep Assay for detection of both somatic variants and RNA fusions in a single, simple workflow,” said David King, PhD, Vice President of Research and Development at Fluidigm. “In addition to this product, we also developed the new Juno LP 8.8.6 microfluidic cartridge that enables users to prepare NGS libraries for up to six different panels at a time with 10-fold lower sample input. When used together, this new solution offers great flexibility for both academic researchers and service providers while ensuring consistent performance and high-quality results.”

“Empowering the cancer community to obtain a comprehensive view of human cancers is central to our growth strategy,” said Chris Linthwaite, President and CEO of Fluidigm. “We are excited to offer these new cancer assays and enhanced workflow capabilities to fuel the identification of high-value biomarkers and accelerate therapeutic development.”

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