Evonik Now Offers Enteric-Protected Ready-to-Fill Capsules – EUDRACAP- in IPEC-GMP Quality

Evonik’s EUDRACAP enteric easy-to-handle capsules are now globally available produced under IPEC-GMP. Launched last year, EUDRACAP enteric are functional, ready-to-fill capsules that help pharmaceutical companies bring complex oral drug products to market faster. By offering a capsule that already provides the desired protection, companies no longer need to invest time in complex formulation development and can accelerate their drug development programs.

EUDRACAP builds on Evonik’s unique expertise in advanced drug delivery and belongs to the company’s set of System Solutions. These are multi-component offerings across products, technologies and services that provide customers with end-to-end development and manufacturing services for complex drug products.

“We were thrilled at the market response to EUDRACAP enteric when it launched last year. By offering our platform produced under IPEC-GMP, our customers can test their oral drug products in a clinical setting and move a step closer to commercialization,” said Dr. Axel Schröder, head of Global Business Segment Oral Drug Delivery Solutions at Evonik Health Care.

Oral drugs are being developed rapidly and there is new emphasis on those using mRNA or targeting the microbiome. “We are happy to provide our unique EUDRACAP solution to meet the needs of customers with a growing number of sensitive molecules in their drug product portfolio,” added Dr. Bettina Hölzer, senior project manager Strategic Marketing Oral Drug Delivery Solutions at Evonik Health Care.

EUDRACAP leverages Evonik’s established EUDRAGIT functional coatings to optimize the release profile of oral drug products. The coated HPMC (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose) capsules are particularly suited to protect sensitive active pharmaceutical ingredients from moisture and gastric acid and as an added benefit, EUDRACAP enteric runs smoothly on fully automated machines at full speed.

In addition to EUDRACAP enteric, the EUDRACAP Select line provides tailor-made CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) services to meet specific customer requirements, including a range of sizes, colors, and customized release profiles.

The launch of EUDRACAP enteric produced under IPEC-GMP follows a series of product and technology innovations launched by the Health Care business of Evonik over the past few years. In 2020, Evonik launched EUDRATEC Fasteric, an advanced oral drug delivery technology that provides enteric protection and effective targeting of the upper small intestine. This was followed earlier this year by the launch of EUDRATEC SoluFlow, a solubility enhancement process technology.

Evonik Health Care is one of the world’s leading CDMOs for complex oral and parenteral drug products that require advanced delivery solutions. It is also one of the world’s largest suppliers of cell culture ingredients, medical device excipients and a leading global CDMO for APIs, HPAPIs and intermediates. As part of Evonik’s life sciences division, Nutrition & Care, Evonik Health Care plays a key role in fulfilling the division’s goal to increase its share of System Solutions from 20 percent today to more than 50 percent by 2030. For more information, visit https://healthcare.evonik.com/en/pharmaceuticals/oral-drug-delivery/oral-excipients/eudracap-portfolio.