Evaxion Presents Proof-of-Principle for Its Unique AI Model Predicting Responses to Cancer Immunotherapy

Evaxion Biotech A/S recently presented for the first time its AI model designed to predict patient responses to cancer immunotherapy at the Biomarkers & Precision Oncology Europe conference in Berlin, Germany.

The broad use of immunotherapy drugs called checkpoint inhibitors has significantly advanced cancer treatment. However, their effectiveness is limited, with success rates at approximately 15% for most cancers. This inherent challenge emphasizes the critical need for a reliable approach to identify the patients who will benefit from standard-of-care cancer immunotherapy. This can improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

“When I joined Evaxion, I was inspired by the wealth of opportunities to improve the lives of patients facing life-threatening diseases. Building upon Evaxion’s core competencies, we have developed an AI model that shows promising results in predicting patients at risk of advancing into progressive disease while undergoing checkpoint inhibitor therapy, enabling earlier intervention with alternative treatments,” said Christian Kanstrup, Evaxion’s Chief Executive Officer. “We set out to improve patient outcomes and address the growing healthcare burden by developing our first checkpoint inhibitor response predictor model. The model relies on our unique AI-Immunology platform, builds upon our existing core competencies and is part of the ‘Responder’ leg of our corporate strategy. This presentation marks our first step on our journey toward this goal, and we will develop a commercial offering where collaboration and partnerships will be instrumental in achieving our vision for a more cost-effective and efficient healthcare system as well as improving patient outcomes.”

Evaxion Biotech A/S is a pioneering TechBio company based upon its AI platform: AI-Immunology. Evaxion’s proprietary and scalable AI prediction models harness the power of artificial intelligence to decode the human immune system and develop novel immunotherapies for cancer, bacterial diseases, and viral infections. Based upon AI-Immunology, Evaxion has developed a clinical-stage oncology pipeline of novel personalized vaccines and a preclinical infectious disease pipeline in bacterial and viral diseases with high unmet medical needs. Evaxion is committed to transforming patients’ lives by providing innovative and targeted treatment options. For more information, visit our website.