Evaluation Kit for Sensirion’s Single-Use Liquid Flow Sensor LD20-2600B is Now Available for Distribution

Evaluation kit for the liquid flow sensor LD20-2600B

The LD20-2600B single-use liquid flow sensor for fast, precise and reliable measurements of the lowest flow rates in biomedical applications was successfully launched three years ago. The evaluation kit for this OEM liquid flow sensor can now also be purchased online via Sensirion’s distribution network. In taking this step, Sensirion is responding to requests from many customers worldwide to procure the sensor in low volumes quickly and easily for initial evaluations and proof-of-concept prototyping.

Safe, precise, and reliable measurements of the lowest flow rates in a medical environment made easy: the single-use liquid flow sensors of the LD20 series measure the liquid flow rate at the point of interest for more effective patient treatment and improved safety. This enables the development of smart medical devices and meets the needs of global trends such as point-of-care, patient compliance, complex drug administration and wearable designs. These trends are becoming even more important in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is increasing the need for future home care solutions that can be remotely monitored to further substitute today’s IV therapies in a hospital setting.

The LD20-2600B liquid flow sensor is based on Sensirion’s proven CMOSens® Technology and optimizes costs by simplifying the design without sacrificing easy fluidic, electrical and mechanical connections. Barbed fittings ensure safe and secure integration into the fluidic line. The straight and unobstructed flow channel design has no moving parts. Medical-grade wetted materials provide outstanding chemical resistance and excellent media compatibility. While providing bidirectional measurement of flow rates up to 1000 ml/h, the sensor can also be used to detect common failure modes such as occlusion, air in line or free flow with unprecedented speed and sensitivity.

The intelligent, compact and cost-effective LD20 sensor series is suitable for a wide range of biomedical applications in the field of critical and home care, such as monitoring of ambulatory infusion pumps, ultra-low flow measurements of precious medications in neonatology and pediatrics, or continuous urine flow measurement, to name but a few. When using a sensor of the LD20 series, the drug delivery progress and status, for example, can be tracked and monitored precisely and in real time both by the patient and remotely. Consequently, drug therapies become more effective and medical device manufacturers can enhance the safety, performance and reliability of their products for the benefit of patients and care givers.

Order the evaluation kit for Sensirion’s single-use liquid flow sensor LD20-2600B now from your preferred distributor: www.sensirion.com/shop

Further information about the LD20-2600B sensor and the evaluation kit can be found on our website: www.sensirion.com/ld20

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