Enable Injections Introduces Mobile Monitoring & Larger Volume Capabilities to its Wearable Injectors

Enable Injections, the developer and manufacturer of a new wearable injector technology platform that allows patients to comfortably and easily self-administer large volume drugs subcutaneously, recently announced two major technology advances:

1. An Enable Wearable Injector with Bluetooth connectivity for compliance monitoring and big data capture with a mobile app

2. Market-leading volume capabilities: The Enable Injector is being developed to comfortably deliver up to 50-mL doses of high-volume and/or viscous biologics subcutaneously

“The Enable high-volume wearable injectors are engineered with the goal of increasing compliance with drug regimens by making it so easy and convenient that patients will take their prescribed biologics regularly, even the largest doses,” said Enable Injections CEO Michael D. Hooven. “The benefit for Bio-Pharma companies is they can get their product into clinical evaluation quicker as there is no need to spend time on additional formulation to achieve low volumes. In addition, now pharmaceutical companies, physicians, and patients can each have the tracking data they need by using a mobile app or Bluetooth-connected device. The ultimate goal is that the new drug delivery technology will not only benefit patients by improving their health outcomes, but also lower costs by streamlining drug development and replacing costly hospital-based infusions.”

Founded February 2010 by medical device industry veterans, Cincinnati, OH-based Enable Injections develops and manufactures wearable devices that allow easy, comfortable patient self-administration of high-volume/viscosity drugs for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry investigational use. The Enable body-worn Injector utilizes any standard container closure system, including syringe or vial; automatically warms and can automatically mix lyophilized solutions. For more information, visit www.enableinjections.com.