Enable Injections Expands Strategic Partnership With Roche

Enable Injections, Inc. recently announced it has expanded its partnership with Roche through a collaboration, allowing Roche to develop and apply Enable’s expertise and enFuse delivery technology to specific Roche development programs. Through this collaboration, Roche will obtain a worldwide, exclusive license to develop and commercialize combinations of the enFuse technology with specific Roche molecules. Enable will be responsible for clinical and commercial manufacturing and supply of the enFuse system.

enFuse is the first purely mechanical wearable drug delivery device technology designed to deliver large volumes of small molecule and biologic medications subcutaneously, whereby patients receive their needed treatment in a simple injection under the skin, instead of intravenously.

“IV infusions can be inconvenient and time-consuming for both patients and providers. This is especially true when treating chronic disorders, which require longer-term treatment and frequent trips to the clinic,” said Mike Hooven, Chairman and CEO of Enable Injections. “enFuse was designed to overcome IV infusion shortcomings through fast, simple and convenient delivery, bringing efficiency and value to the entire spectrum of healthcare, including patients, providers, and payers, with the ability for at home self-administration. We are pleased that Roche recognizes the significant value our wearable technology brings to the patient treatment experience and look forward to serving patients through the potential of our differentiated device delivery platform with Roche’s differentiated molecules.”

Cincinnati-based Enable Injections is a global healthcare innovation company developing and manufacturing drug delivery systems designed to improve the patient experience. Enable’s body-worn enFuse delivers high-volume pharmaceutical and biologic therapeutics via subcutaneous administration, with the aim of improving convenience, supporting superior outcomes, and advancing healthcare system economics. Approved in the US  in combination with a specific drug, more information: https://enableinjections.com/our-products.

Enable is currently working with a number of pharmaceutical partners to conduct clinical trials and plan for joint commercial launch of their therapies in combination with the enFuse technology. The company continues to selectively add to its list of pharmaceutical partners, with indications and patient populations who will benefit from the enFuse system. The first enFuse combination product received US FDA approval in 2023.