Drug Development & Delivery to Launch Innovation Networking Event

Drug Development & Delivery President & Publisher Ralph Vitaro recently announced that the leading media company will be hosting the inaugural Innovation Networking Summit & Table-Top Exhibit April 6-7, 2016, at the Parsippany Hilton in New Jersey. The two-day event creates a forum for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and drug device professionals to discuss new and emerging trends and develop mutually beneficial partnerships that will effectively advance their drug development programs.

“The Innovation Networking Summit connects the industry’s leading technology and service providers with scientists and business professionals working in R&D, business development, product life-cycle management, and corporate management in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device industries,” said Mr. Vitaro. “There is a need and demand for an intimate, results-oriented, networking event, and having it located in the pharma and biotech corridor of New Jersey is extremely cost effective and beneficial to attendees and exhibitors.”

The program format consists of leading Market Research Analysts moderating four key industry segments via a roundtable format: Emerging Therapeutic Markets, Drug Devices, Drug Platform & Formulation Technologies, and Contract Services. Each presentation will cover the current landscape, opportunities, market trends, challenges, and future growth in these areas.

“Each session is preceded by an invitation to network with the companies inside the exhibit hall,” added Mr. Vitaro. To maximize interaction between the innovator companies and delegates, the exhibit hall containing 40+ companies will be open all day on day one. Breaks, including lunch and afternoon refreshments, will also take place inside the exhibit hall, encouraging continuous interaction between technology/service providers and development partners. A networking cocktail reception will commence at the conclusion of the first day.”

Who Should Attend?
The Innovation Networking Summit is being developed for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and drug device professionals who are seeking partnership and development opportunities. Exhibitors will showcase the latest innovations and advancements in:

Delivery Systems
Platform & Drug Formulation Technologies
Bioavailability/Solubility Enhancement
Drug Targeting
Polymers & Biomaterials

Drugs in Development (Co-Development/Marketing Opportunities)
Clinical-Stage Drug Products
Small Molecules
Combination Drugs
Personalized Medicine
Orphan Drugs

Contract Services
Formulation Development,
Particle Design,
Molecule Development
Analytical Testing
Central Lab


To learn more about the Innovation Networking Summit or to register, visit:
Drug-DevConference website

About Drug Development & Delivery
Drug Development & Delivery is a print, online, and event provider committed to advancing the applied science, technology, and related business practices of pharmaceutical and biological drug development.

The Innovation Networking Summit is a forum to bring the innovators together with the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and drug device communities to effectively advance their drug development programs.

For more information, contact:

Ralph Vitaro

John Kiesewetter
Global Sales & Marketing Director