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Your Innovative Drug Development and Manufacturing Partner

Quotient Sciences is dedicated to accelerating the development of new drugs for patients around the world. As a global drug development and manufacturing organization, we support our clients across the full development cycle from candidate selection through to commercial supply.

With over 30 years of experience, our formulation and biopharmaceutics teams are focused on providing innovative, customized solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech customers. As experts in small molecule development, we work with both simple and complex drug products, for oral and inhaled medicines.

Core Services

  • Formulation Development
  • Clinical Trial Manufacturing
  • Commercial Manufacturing
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Translational Pharmaceutics®

When it comes to working with challenging molecules, we use a data-driven approach to formulation design and select the best technology for the molecule. Our global facilities are outfitted with a broad suite of solubility enhancement and modified release technologies and are built with high-potency handling capabilities.

At Quotient Sciences, we believe drug development shouldn’t be costly, lengthy, and risky with high rates of molecule attrition. Our unique Translational Pharmaceutics® platform accelerates drug development by integrating formulation development, real-time manufacturing and clinical testing. Translational Pharmaceutics is proven to be significantly faster than the traditional drug development approach, getting life-changing medicines to market and patients sooner and generating multi-million dollar R&D cost savings.

Key Applications Include

  • Transitioning molecules from first-in-human (FIH) to proof-of-concept (POC)
  • Development and optimization of clinical formulations
    -Enhanced Solubility
    -Modified Release
    -Pediatric Dosage Forms
  • Lifecycle management of late-stage and marketed products
  • Evaluation of novel drug delivery technologies for all routes of administration

A recent study conducted by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) compared Translational Pharmaceutics® to traditional development programs and concluded that Translational Pharmaceutics® reduced development timelines by more than 12 months and lowered R&D costs by more than $100 million per approved new drug, compared to traditional multi-vendor development paradigms. And given that decision-making is driven by human data, reduced the probability that a drug would fail in later stage clinical testing due to sub-optimal formulation performance.

Whether you’re looking for a fully integrated development plan or standalone development and manufacturing services, connect with Quotient Sciences today to discover how we can accelerate the development of your molecule at www.QuotientCciences.com/contact-us/.