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Founded in 1994, Noble® is the global leader in medical device training solutions, patient onboarding strategies, and multisensory product development for the world’s top pharmaceutical brands and biotechnology companies. Focused on driving innovation, Noble works closely with brand, device, and commercialization teams to develop turnkey solutions that improve onboarding and adherence, bringing value to clients and patients alike.

 We know the challenges patients face with onboarding and adherence

The first few months of a patient’s treatment, commonly referred to as the onboarding stage, are the most important regarding patient adherence. During this process, patients are introduced to their therapies and drug delivery device by a healthcare professional who provides one-time training on proper self-administration.

After this introduction, patients are expected to perform their self-injection of medication alone, removed from a healthcare facility and without healthcare provider supervision.

Unfortunately, there are many variables contributing to patient adherence and therapy acceptance during onboarding, including quality of in-office training, memory retention, anxiety, confidence, and more.  Some factors impacting patient onboarding and adherence include*: 

  • 49% of patients prescribed self-injection devices did not receive in-office training
  • 90% of treatment information is forgotten after one week
  • 50% of patients are non-adherent due to gaps/barriers in treatment experiences
  • 45% of patients avoid injections due to anxiety

*References available upon request.

We have the expertise to make a difference for patients and brands

As a fully integrated product development company, Noble’s in-house design, development, and manufacturing expertise enables the seamless transition of concepts from design/engineering to manufacturing. Noble’s experience and platforms in these disciplines are supported by an award-winning cross-functional team of industrial, mechanical, material, manufacturing, and quality engineers who consistently develop novel solutions related to mechanical demonstration device requirements. Such solutions result in unparalleled demonstration devices that accurately mimic the behavior of key device features, all while having the ability to be reset and function reliably over the lifetime of the product.

Our exclusive industry-leading collaborations uniquely position us to serve our clients and deliver unrivaled value and quality. Through cooperative agreements with prominent device manufacturers, Noble is provided key product specification information and insights, thereby ensuring that all training and demonstration devices not only simulate commercial drug delivery device functionality, but also provide patients a hyper-realistic simulation experience.

Beyond Noble’s device manufacturer partnerships, our device agnostic technologies allow us the versatility to accommodate a wide variety of autoinjector, prefilled syringe, onbody, and respiratory device form factors − all while being a low-cost reusable solution to safely and effectively onboard users.

We’re more than a product development company – we’re your go-to resource

In addition to developing innovative training platforms and holistic-based solutions, Noble also offers a variety of services designed to provide clients with comprehensive support through pre-and post-launch. We provide clients with in-depth market research, ranging from device usability and preferences, competitive analysis to training and onboarding benchmarking. We also prepare you to get the most out your launch with customized utilization and commercialization strategies, including forecasting, best practices for training devices and patient support, lifecycle management, a revolutionary Train the Trainer program and more. Plus, Noble’s reach spans the globe − with major facilities located in Orlando, FL, and Ningbo, China − so when you’re ready to ship, we are well equipped to handle your global logistics management and help you navigate the nuances of shipping your patient training resources worldwide.

Experience the Noble difference

Noble is changing the future of adherence and onboarding through research-driven insights, innovative technologies and patient-focused solutions. Our products drive innovation to make a true impact, and our advanced strategies − from development to commercialization to utilization − are purpose-built to help transform your bottom line. Find out how Noble can make a world of difference for your patients and your brand.