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Customized, Activated/ Functionalized Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs)

We are your trusted global partner for the development and supply of commercial quantities of functionalized PEGs (polyethylene glycols). Those in turn, are essential for your PEGylated therapeutic proteins for drug delivery. Our offerings include high-purity materials for use in investigational products in every phase of clinical development and in commercialized products. We understand that you care about rapid and cost-effective time to market. Therefore, setting the right quality attributes for the functionalized PEG is crucial for the manufacturing and stability of your PEGylated product — we can help you get it right. And during the marketing phase, expertise in life-cycle management and regulatory affairs can help you safeguard your compliance.



Our portfolio of ready-to-use functionalized PEGs

– Linear MPEGs (up to 40kDa)
– Branched PEGs
– Linear bifunctional PEGs (linkers)
– Multi-arm PEGs
– Monodisperse PEGS – Backbone chemistry and activation


– For the PEGylation of therapeutic proteins at every phase of clinical development and commercialization|
– Linker substances for Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC)
– As part of medical devices (e.g. biodegradable hydrogels)

Custom development expertise for functionalized PEGs

Our experience in the development and scale-up of functionalized PEGs — ranging from pre-clinical evaluations to large-scale commercial quantities — has a long tradition. Our development projects can be highly customized to your individual needs supported by our dedicated experts and worldwide presence. We can assist you in exploration of synthetic pathways (feasibility), process development, manufacturing under GMP, as well as analytical test methods and validation.

All backed by the required QA and QC and an excellent audit record. At the respective development stage, quality and supply agreements will support your supply security on a commercial scale. With MilliporeSigma, you have a partner you can count on to help you get your product to market more quickly.