Metrics Contract Services
1240 Sugg Parkway
Greenville, NC 27834
T: (252) 7523800

Company Overview

Metrics Contract Services is a full service pharmaceutical development and manufacturing organization serving clients worldwide. We deliver proven scientific and operational excellence for oral dosage forms. Today, as a subsidiary of Mayne Pharma Group, we offer clients more resources and capabilities than ever before.

Pharmaceutical Development & Clinical Trial Materials Manufacturing

We offer comprehensive formulation development services from preclinical through Phase III CTM including: tableting, immediate release, modified release (including controlled/matrix and sustained release), capsule filling, milling, micronizing, enteric coating, spray drying, extrusion, and spheronization. Our facilities and processes are designed to handle potent products, cytotoxic compounds, and controlled substances.

Analytical Services

With more than 100 chemists on staff, Metrics analyzes the physical and chemical characteristics of drug substances and drug products through development and validation of methods, release and stability testing. We perform this work in compliance with industry standards and international regulatory guidelines.

Potent Products

Our potent facilities provide total engineered containment through customized, hardwall isolation technologies. Containment is achieved at 30 nanograms per cubic meter of room air; equipment and change parts are dedicated exclusively to potent use. The facility features independent entry, exit and equipment double airlocks, decontamination showers, dedicated washroom, dedicated equipment storage and pass through for product/waste.

Fast Track First Time In Man (FTIM) Studies

Metrics Contract Services has successfully delivered materials for over 150 FTIM studies. Our process ensures speed and quality, with a 16-24 week timeline from receipt of well characterized NCE to shipment to the clinic. Services include stability studies, analytical methods development and validation. Choose simple formulation, blended powder in capsule, or neat API in a bottle.

Concept to Commercialization

The parent company of Metrics Contract Services, Mayne Pharma, recently invested $80 million to significantly expand facilities and equipment at its site in Greenville, NC. The new 126,000 sq ft, oral dose commercial manufacturing facility quadruples the company’s US manufacturing capacity, and the repurposing of existing space creates 10+ new analytical laboratories and formulation development suites.

Metrics Contract Services can now offer a complete “concept to commercialization” solution in one contiguous location for clients, providing larger scale and increased capabilities for seamless scale-up, eliminating the need for site transfers.