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The Health business of Lubrizol Life Science (LLS Health) partners with customers to speed innovative differentiated pharmaceutical products and medical devices to market. Our team provides multifunctional polymers and excipients, as well as product design, contract development, and contract manufacturing services. LLS Health offers high-quality development and production of added value nutraceutical ingredients, providing nutritional and technical solutions for clients’ final products brands in the functional foods and dietary supplements industries.

LLS Health is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pharmaceutical-grade carbomers and polycarbophil and has been manufacturing pharmaceutical excipients for more than 35 years. Our multifunctional excipients are used in a wide range of applications, including sustained-release oral solid dosage forms, semisolid and liquid formulations, transdermal applications, and drug-eluting device solutions. Our Carbopol® and PemulenTM polymers and Noveon® polycarbophil have been successfully used in over-the-counter and pharmaceutical formulations to impart rheology modification, mucoadhesion, controlled drug release, and many other unique properties.

Our pharmaceutical-grade polymers are manufactured according to cGMP standards in ISO 9001-certified facilities. We work with relevant regulatory bodies to establish and maintain the global pharmacopeial status of our pharmaceutical ingredients. Lubrizol excipients are listed in monographs of the international compendia for the US, Japan, and Europe. Additionally, Lubrizol supports its pharmaceutical ingredients with Drug Master Files (DMFs) in the US and Europe.

Our pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) Division specializes in the formulation and manufacturing of complex drug products, including insoluble compounds, long-acting injectables/implantables, sterile products, highly potent APIs, and controlled substances.

LLS Health’s medical-grade polymers are formulated for superior biostability, biocompatibility, and processing versatility. We offer a full range of thermoplastic polyurethane material solutions, such as Pellethane®, Isoplast®, TecoflexTM, TecothaneTM, CarbothaneTM, and PathwayTM polymers as well as polymer customization to meet performance needs.

Our Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Division provides differentiated design, development, and manufacturing services of components, subassemblies, and finished medical devices. Our expertise is aligned with minimally invasive catheters and delivery systems, as well as a broad array of silicone-based medical devices.

The Nutraceutical Division specializes in added-value functional food ingredients, enabling differentiated nutraceutical solutions. Its technology strength in microencapsulation applied to botanical and mineral ingredients gives LLS Health potential basis to enable partners to develop premium products with leading performance claims.

LLS Health’s mission is to accelerate your success through partnership and proactive innovation. We are committed to the goal of creating solutions that improve patient outcomes. Learn more at or contact